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Do you want end to end support? shield IT offer Total Lifetime Mangement packages, that look after everything for the life of the product, from the correct product fit for the job to disposing of the equipment taking into consideration the environmental impact, shield IT can arrange it.

Our TLM solution covers, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Projectors, software infact anything IT related. shield IT will be the one point of call for any warranty and non warranty claims (even if not purchased via shield IT) can provide:


shield IT utilizes comprehensive remote monitoring systems that can alert of potential issues well before they impact the operation of your business. 

Asset and auditing

shield IT can offer all asset and auditing management of the companies assets and can expand that  to non IT equipment. 

Vendor Financing

shield IT partner with the top vendors to be able to offer vendor financing, reducing the capital outlay, turning to regular manageable payments, letting you spend more money doing what  you do best.

Preventive Maintenance

shield IT performs preventive maintenance on all critical devices to ensure maximum uptime. The preventive maintenance schedule can be adjusted to suit any device required. 

Help Desk

shield IT uses a helpdesk system that ensures no job gets missed, all are tracked, and able to be reported on back to you with comprehensive reports, including if required signoff, photos or documents. shield IT also provides a single email address and phone number for contact.

At shield IT, we have the resources to handle all your IT needs, providing the peace of mind you need to concentrate on running your business.

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