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We help your business to stay on top of its game by providing modern and secure IT solutions.

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Who We Are

We are a group of highly skilled IT professionals passionate about providing high quality service and support.

shield IT was founded on the commitment to guide our clients and ensure their success. We extend our services to mid-market and small businesses. With the idea that your success is our success, shield IT has a proactive approach to reduce downtime and reign in unpredictable support costs that plague businesses of all sizes.


We take the time to ensure that your IT is adding real value to your business by improving your operational efficiency which in turn increases your bottom line. How do shield IT do it? Undertaking the necessary conversations regarding how IT fits into what your company is doing now and how it can be applied moving forward and understanding your whole business – not just the IT.


We do not use the cookie cutter approach, as one solution does not fit all. shield IT utilise best of breed hardware and software vendors and specialised delivery partners to develop a long term plan that fits within your business plans.


An important measure of an IT implementation’s quality is its clarity. shield IT creates a implementation plan before commencing that guides your organisation throughout the transition to be clear and practical. shield IT has a skilled team of in house and third party specialists that will ensure a smooth project.


Proper documentation is essential at every stage of our working and it doesn’t have to wait for a specific occasion. shield IT will document all parts of the network, to ensure the fastest resolution possible to any issue.

What We Do

We bring over 20 years of IT experience in services propagation, deployment and maintenance.

Our certified and experienced IT Consultants support your business, not just your technology.

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Pre Sales Support

Not sure which route to go? Not sure which option is best for your business's technology needs? Let our pre-sales support team help you pick the best solution for your technology needs.

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Procurement Services

We have a dedicated team that can help you find, get quotes, and assist with logistics for your project.

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Post Installation Support

Whether you have an internal IT department or need an IT department, we can provide on-going technical assistance for one technology all the way up to your whole IT infrastructure.

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Technology Consulting

IT performance improvement, Business process improvement, Remediation, troubleshooting, and repair, IT infrastructure design and architecture, Virtual CIO.

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IT Security Consulting

Regulatory compliance management, Backup and disaster recovery plans, Intrusion detection and protection and Cloud security.

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Website Design & Hosting

When shaping clients online presence we strive towards usability, responsiveness, platform compatibility, and security. Being business's we care deeply about our impact on clients' business.

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We are always open for a private consultation on technology matters your business finds difficult. Talk to us and we'll make sure you are on the right track.

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